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Bennie Matharu

Design Manager

Bennie Matharu

Design Manager

Tel: 020 7317 6001

Bennie has spent just over 30 years working as a bulthaup designer in London so his passion for and commitment to the brand is evident.

He is respected across bulthaup's global network for being consistently one of the most successful designers and mentors to others in the industry. Bennie's journey in design began when he studied graphics and marketing at university and he went on to work on a freelance basis in corporate identity and product design. It was his decision to move to Interior design and space planning that introduced him to bulthaup and he has never looked back 'when you work for the best, you stay with the best' Bennie explains.

With a razor-sharp eye for detail, Bennie understands the need to for millimetre perfection/accuracy coupled with the best quality of materials for truly minimal design to work successfully. With many long-standing repeat clients and professional contacts, those who work with him remark on his skill to interpret their requirements to create an individual project which works as a functional space, as well as blending aesthetic and architectural details perfectly and sympathetically - 'Each brief is unique and requires a fresh approach – that's what clients expect, and I aim to exceed their expectations!'

Bennie is passionate about choosing the right materials and finishes to suit each space, taking account of practical considerations, the aesthetic of the whole space, as well as the available natural light. He believes that light in living spaces has never been more important and works closely with clients and their designers to create subtle solutions to allow their spaces to offer the right ambience throughout the day.

Bennie has worked on a wide variety of projects over the years, throughout London, and the UK but also across the world – his work has taken him to the Caribbean, Australia, India and Nigeria to name a few of his favourite destinations.

With no immediate plans to stop doing what he loves, Bennie works hard and continues to inspire clients and colleagues alike with his passion, skill and dedication to his job.